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General Guidelines

- Our readers should at a glance be able to distinguish between Dagens Nyheter's editorial conent and ad-supplements.
- Ad-supplements shall be designed in a way that it clearly appears that it is advertising and also who is the sender.
- The Ad-supplement's font and layout has clearly differ from Dagens Nyheter's editorial material.
- All ad-supplements must be labled as ads on the front- and last page.
- Ad-supplements with newspaper appearance layout no matter the format, must be clearly labled as ads on each page.
- With exception of pure ad-pages
- Ad-supplements that contain editorial material alsways have to be submitted to Dagens Nyheter before printing.

Material specifiation online supplements

Information regarding material specifications and deadlines

Type area: Maximum 250x372 centered with 10 mm margin around. Document size: 270x392 mm. Feigned spread: Type area 260x372 mm, no margin in the bundle.

Document specifications
Total amount of color: Maximum 220 %
Pictures: 200 dpi
Colors: CMYK
Screen: 100 lines
Other: Maximum 1 page/pdf

Naming of files
produkt_publishingdate(MMDD)_page001_versionnmber E.g. DN-TVsupplement_1015_page0001_v1
New pages are marked with a new version number v2, v3 etc.

Internet address: ftp3.boldprinting.se
Username: dnex_civil
Password: wAs378pA
Other: Put the files in a separate folder Joboptions ICC-profiles: ISOnewspaper26v4

Packaging and delivery of insertions

Information about packaging and delivery below:

DN's spread

See map of DN's spread area here

Checklist for publishing of Alcohol ads

Detailed information about checklist for publishing of alcohol ads

The checklist is valid for all ads that DN accepts no matter where it is published.

General rule
Marketing of alcoholic beverages are not to be pushy, outreaching or inviting to use of alcohol.

Pharmaceutical ads

Information about pharmaceutical ads - What is applicable regarding marketing of drugs, prescribed, OTC's and herbal remedies:
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