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Allmänna riktlinjer

All references and calls to external resources should be absolute and retrieved over SSL / TLS, which means that they should begin with https:// Used domains must have valid SSL certificates.

The ads should work in all current versions of the web browsers listed below, which are tested and secured by the ad manufacturer:
- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox
- Internet Explorer
- Safari
- Opera

Sound must only be activated when clicking - not mouse-over.
The sound must have an on / off button.

Creatives must be delivered to Expressen no later than:
* 3 business days prior to publication
* 5-15 business days prior to publication for special formats.
(Contact Adops for further information)
In case of late delivery, the desired start date cannot be guaranteed.

The creatives has to be delivered by email to
Enter the information below when you deliver the material:
- Which advertiser and campaign the creatives refers to
- Start and end date
- Landing URLs
- Contact person and contact information

Other requirements
The advertiser is responsible for the creatives functionality and design.
The creatives must not be designed in such a way that the advertisement can be mistaken for editorial content.
The creatives must not contain code that can be harmful to the user.


For display ads 50% of the ad has to be visible in the browser window for 1 second.

For video ads and special formats with both display and video 50% of the ad has to be visible in the browser window for 2 seconds.

Terms and Conditions


- Undvik att locka alltför överdrivet med stora vinster och stora bonusar i annonsens anslag.
- 18-årsgränsen samt villkoren för spelet ska vara tydliga för alla som läser annonsen


A) Spelannonserna ska inte:

1) riktas mot underåriga
2) innehålla påståenden om spel som en lösning på sociala och ekonomiska problem
3) uppmana till överdrivet spelande
4) vilseleda om chanserna att vinna
5) innehålla påståenden om att spelande är riskfritt
6) innehålla könsdiskriminerande påståenden

7) framhäva enskilda vinnare utan dokumenterat underlag
B) Och spelannonserna ska:
8) vara mycket tydligt annonsmärkta,
9) mycket tydligt ange ev sponsorsmedverkan, t ex i fråga om s k ”branded content”
10) vara mycket tydliga, begripliga och faktamässigt korrekta i fråga om bonus-, spin- och välkomsterbjudanden.
Spelannonser som inte uppfyller denna rekommendation bör avvisas.

Pharmaceutical ads

Information about pharmaceutical ads - What is applicable regarding marketing of drugs, prescribed, OTC's and herbal remedies:

Alcohol advertising

Detailed information and check list for alcohol ads.

The checklist applies to all advertisements for Bonnier news regardless of where the advertisement is published.

Generell regel
The marketing of alcoholic beverages must not be intrusive, outreach or encourage the use of alcohol.

Welcome Page / Massive

Always delivered with a frequency of 3 per day.
Welcome Page max weight
Display: 200kB
Video: 10MB

The minimum screen resolution for the entire ad to be visible is 1920x1080.

Sound must only be activated when clicking - not mouseover. The sound must have an on / off button.

Rollercoaster Mobil

Rollercoaster is a Rich Media format that consist of two images that splits a site in half and expands in full screen as the consumer navigates down- wards. If the consumer continues scrolling downwards, the site disappears upwards. The two images in the ad move independently of each other, creating a feeling of depth. The format can also be closed by clicking on a “Close” button.

Adsscore 2.0
Adssets can measure (among other things):
- Impressions - Unique impressions - CTR/CTA
- Engaging impressions (engagement)
- Viewable impressions (in screen)
- Viewable time (in screen time) - Engaging time (dwell time)
- External link (CTR)

Rollercoaster - Mobile
- 1 foreground image in 640x1024 px(Safe Area 528x830px), in png with transparent background.
- 1 background image in 640x1024 px(Safe Area 528x830px), in jpg or png.
- Click links and measurements tags

Mobile Split Video

Split Video is a video format that plays a silent looping video in one half of an ad space and displays and image in the other half. As the consumer clicks on the equalizer symbol, the video plays with audio. External link upon click on anything in the video except the video.

- 1 image in 320x140 px, in jpg or png and max 40kb*.
- 1 video in 16:9 (1920x1080) aspect ratio, in MP4 and max 2 mb.
- Click links and measurements tags.
*Video will take up 320x180 px of the image.


- Max 5 different image - Only physical material (JPF, GIF, PNG) - Possibility to integrate 3rd party click and imps measurement - The Swipe function is user-initiated

Panorama Split Video

Split Video is a video format that plays a silent looping video in one part of an ad space and displays and image in the other part. As the consumer clicks on the equalizer symbol, the video plays with audio. External link upon click on anything in the video except the video.
- 1 image in 553x240 px, in jpg or png and max 60kb*.
- 1 video in 16:9 aspect ratio (1920x1080) in MP4. Max: 10 MB.
- Click links and measurements tags.
*Video will take up 427x240 px of the image. Please specify video placement in the order.


Technical guidelines for creative material based on HTML5

General Information
These guidelines are meant for the produciton of creatives based on HTML5 and will be served as digital advertisement on Bonnier News (Di, DN, Expressen and Bonnier Ad Network).
The following guidelines are important for delivery and the success of the campaign. Creatives that don't follow the guidelines will not be approved. We use Google DFP as our ad server and the guidelines are written to be compatible with that.
We use friendly iframes as our way of delivery.
- It is not allowed to break out from iframe (frame busting).
Contact Adops if the format demands it.
- Animation of elements may not exceed 30 seconds.
- Ad materials have to start rendering of visual elements within 0.5 seconds
- Average processor usage has to be a maximum of 30%, with a maximum peak fo 60%.
- Maximum amount of requests are 15 per ad material.
- The main file of the material must be namned index.html.
- Relative sources are to be used for resources and files in the material.
- References to external resources ¹ must be absolute and start with https//: and must support SSL/TLS.
- It is not allowed to prevent scrolling ².
- JavaScript console-methods are not allowed.
- Geo Location and similar Web API:s that demands the approval of the user may only be used after user interaction.
¹ Such as CDN and external font libraries.
² Do not use TouchStart as trigger for interaction
(since TouchStart is triggered by scrolling)

File size

We measure the total weight of the material since HTML5 consists of several different resources and we test how every resource is loaded and in what order.

Mobile Devices (smartphones)
150 kb
Desktop / Tablet
200 kb

The file size is calculated on all resources, including tracking scripts, JavaScript-libraries, font files, style sheets etc.
You can choose to use whitelisted CDN:s, but these will be counted for in the total file size of the material.
Important: If your material demands that the limit is exceeded, contact Ad-ops in time.
Note that measuring scripts and scripts from 3rd parties, such as Google, Sizmek and Adform is counted for as part of the total weight.
That means that you as an ad creator cannot use all of the total weight of the material when you deliver materials including measuring scripts or deliver through a 3rd party, since the measuring script and/or the 3rd party script will take some of the total weight.
Remember that it is possible to load extra resources after user interaction. These resources are not counted for in the initial size limitations.


Bonnier News test all material through according to specific parameters. Materials that fail in tests will not be approved.
- Try to use CSS for animations as far as possible instead fo JavaScript-libraries.
- Never animate hidden elements.
- Try to reduce the number of requests.
- Avoid loading heavy material such as video before user interaction.

Structure, packaging and delivery

Since HTML cannot be compressed and delivered as one file it is important to consider the file structure.
The material should be based on an index-file that is named index.html.
This is the main file that will load first and initiate other components such as CSS- and JavaScript files. Necessary code for click tracking is also to be included in the index.html-file.
When delivering multiple ads, these are to be packaged in individual zip-files.

HTML5 - Click Counting DFP

The material must be adapted to the Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) advertising system that Bonnier News uses.
The clickTag variable should be used as the definition of click-through URL in all clickable areas in the ad.
This in order for us to measure click on it and that it will be possible for AdOps to be able to modify / post the destination url on request.
We therefore recommend using clickTag ie NOT the hardcode click-through URL
DFP warns if there is no correct clickTag or if a URL is encrypted in the ad.
clickTag should be easy for the server to read, do not use any minification or obfuscation. (However, it is no problem to use it on the rest of the material)
The script for the clickTag variable must be in the head tag.
Make sure all areas that are clickable use the clickTag variable as the definition of the click-throug URL.
Examples where clickTag is implemented in the HTML code:
 -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
<meta name = "ad.size" content = "width = 300, height = 250"> <script type = "text / javascript">
was clickTag = ""; </ Script>
</ Head>
[The rest of your creative code goes here.] </ Html>
NOTE! Make sure that areas that are clickable use the clickTag variable as the definition of click-through URL:
<a href=""> <img src = "images / dclk.png" border = 0>
Multiple click tags count towards the same number.
- Destination links should be attached separately to the message sent to Bonnier News.
- If you have multiple destination links, these are specified with which clickTag is being used.
In a scenario where the destination link must be hard-coded in the creative, for example, when the link is created dynamically or similar. Then clickTag can be added before the destination link shown here: (clickTag + "", "_blank"); or like this: (clickTag + dynamicUrlObject, "_blank");
If the destination link contains characters like? or & the link should be encoded as follows:
clickTag + encodeURIComponent ("")
In this scenario, the destination link does not need to be sent to the publisher, just an explanation that the destination link is hard-coded in the creative and that clickTag tracking has been entered.

Click measurement GAM - Third Party JavaScript and iframe tags

NOTE: If no other instructions are given we will insert the %%CLICK_URL_UNESC%% macro described in the DFP documentation linked above.

For us to be able to track click count in DFP we need to be able to insert a click macro into the script tag. We would like you to always deliver the
script with a placeholder for where to insert our click macro with the following format: `click="[Google_Click_Macro_Here]"`.
The name of the variable, `click=`, is not important to us,
you can name it whatever you like as long as the placeholder-name is very clear about where to insert the click macro.
Preferably name the placeholder [Google_Click_Macro_Here] as in the example above.
Example Third-Party script:
<SCRIPT language='JavaScript1.1' SRC="http://www.3rdpartydomain?key1=value1&key2=value2&cachebuster=[Cachebuster_Macro_Here]&click=[Google_Click_Macro_Here]"></SCRIPT>


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